The Double Club restaurant served two menus in parallel: authentic, family-style Congolese dishes; and a western offering that focused on simple European bistro classics. The dining room resembled a chequerboard with each square of Congolese or Western design, alternating between dark African hardwood and French brasserie tiling.

Congolese and Western food was served on Congolese tablecloths or on Reed Kram and Clemens Weisshaar's acclaimed Breeding Tables, each of which is unique. The restaurant also included outstanding art works selected by Carsten Höller and Germano Celant from the West and from Congo.
Guests were welcome to choose from either menu, or mix and match as they pleased.

The Double Club was hosted and operated by Mourad Mazouz and his team. For the past 20 years, Mourad has been running culturally enriching restaurants and bars in London (Momo, Sketch), Paris and the Middle East with a unique brand of style and hospitality. David Jones was the head chef.