The Courtyard was at the heart of the Double Club experience. The space was divided into four slices: two western and two Congolese, and was covered with a glass roof lending it a special outdoor feeling. A Double fronted centrepiece bar designed in collaboration with Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram occupied the central space. An refined copper finish on the Western bar combines effortlessly with a timber frame bar structure imported from Kinshasa.

Other key features included a large tile garden with Portuguese azulejos (depicting a flying city originally drawn by Russian architect Georgi Krutikow in 1928), wall paintings of typical Kinshasa beer ads, imported plastic Congolese tables and chairs, and an enlarged reproduction of Cheri Samba's "J’aime les Couleurs".

Here guests enjoyed the unique brand of charming hospitality courtesy of Mourad Mazouz and his team. Classic cocktails, imported beers from the Congo and a Congolese oil drum bbq was fired up each night for beef and goat brochettes.